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Teensy MIDI controller for SysEx commands:

I was looking for a drum-machine, which I can interact with, while playing an instrument like bass or guitar.
Nothing I found was really my thing, so I've mostly used what I already had, together with an Arturia Beatstep 1
(hardware MIDI-sequencer). This isn't perfect, but near to what I'm looking for.

picture of setup
RaspberryPi, Arturia Beatstep 1, DIY Midi foot-pedal (TeensyLC-board inside), 5V 1A USB-PSU

MIDI-pedal inside
inside the MIDI-pedal, code based on Yann Seznec's Teensy MIDI Controller Code

demo video

The Beatstep is sending MIDI-notes to the RaspberryPi-samplerbox (,
which has a set of drum samples in my case.
The MIDI-Pedal is controlling the Beatstep via SysEx commands:

-PLAY and STOP should explain themselves
-TAP: Press two times for tap to tempo
-TMP+/-: Increase or decrease tempo by 10 BPM
-SEQ+/-: Jump the the next or previous pattern after current pattern is finished
-An RGB-LED is pulsing to the beat (photo/video isn't recent. Connected with three 500R-resitors on teensy-pins 23, 24 and 25).

Everything is powered by a 5V 1A PSU, connected via USB on the Raspberry Pi.
And, because it's USB-MIDI: Don't forget to connect everything on the software side via ALSA-MIDI (aconnect).

Download my code here:

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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